The National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET) has developed specific procedures for schools seeking accreditation. The process supports, enhances and stimulates growth and improvement throughout a school.


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Accreditation is a process of establishing competence of a school in delivering the requisite elements of education covering curriculum, faculty, administration, student services etc. It focuses on learning, self development and encourages the school to pursue continual excellence.

Accreditation is awarded, after carrying out structured assessment of compliance to the accreditation standard.Accreditation helps to ensure that educational and support process have synergy to provide for holistic development of student.

Accreditation standard for Quality school Governance:

The standard has been developed with a view to define and implement system to:

  • Provide educational services that aim to enhance satisfaction level of all interested parties,
  • Provide a basis for assessing and where required, rating the effectiveness of an educational quality management system,
  • Develop quality consciousness among interested parties involved in school activities.

Focus of the Standard:

Establishing systems to enable learning, self development and improved performance,
Providing for holistic development of student,
Encouraging schools to pursue excellence,
Complying with statutory and regulatory requirements.

Use of the Standard:

As a self-improvement tool,

For third party accreditation,

  • By affiliating, statutory and regulatory authorities.

At the second QCI National Quality Conclave in February 2007, Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the then president of India, stressed the need for development of a standard for the schools to ensure quality of education across the country.  In line with this recommendation QCI has developed the Accreditation Standard for Quality School Governance. This standard provides framework for the effective management and delivery of the holistic education program aimed at overall development of the students.

Role of Spectrum in obtaining NABET:

  • Providing awareness training for all teaching and non-teaching staff about accreditation
  • Supporting to implement NABET system requirement in your organization
  • Provide training to conduct self assessment programme
  • Supporting in closing the deviations (NCs) during the readiness visit by NABET team
  • Providing Providing documentation for achieving NABET
  • Annual Maintenance contract for upgrading and maintaining accreditation system even after accreditation.

Annual Maintenance Contract:
  • Providing training for the new faculties
  • Conducting self-awareness on behalf of the client
  • Verifying the corrective action taken during the self assessment as well as accreditation assessment and updating
  • Conducting Management Review Meeting

School shall meet requirement of statutory and regulatory norms

  • Identifying numerous interrelated and interacting processes.
  • A documented manual, procedure, course file at various level to be prepared
  • Class rooms for ass sections, staff room, toilet for boy’s and girl’s students, drinking water, proper ambiance and silent environment for education
  • canteen, lab, workshop, uninterrupted electricity, proper wire installation, gas and fuels
  • Preventive maintenance of travel facility, Medical certificate (like eye power ect.,) and driving license  for drivers.
Benefits for schools:

A distinctive mark of quality, that accords recognition of the school’s commitment to quality, Proven, transparent, and intuitive processes for school improvement that are grounded in best practices from the education and business fields.
Framework and support system to help meet local, state, national and appropriate international requirements.

Benefits for school staff:

The staff of an accredited school develops a new mindset and a systematic approach to education delivery as opportunities are created for upgrading skills and knowledge through continuous learning and training.  By significantly improving working environment and developing a quality culture the staff members feel motivated.  Teaching or delivery of education becomes a highly satisfying experience.

Benefits for School Management:

Accreditation to the standard for Quality Governance enables the school management to achieve their objectives, goals and institutionalize the process of continuous improvement.  They can easily focus and work for their long term vision.  Managements can regularly get feedback about the state of affairs through the internal and external assessments.

Benefits for Students and Parents:

While all stakeholders benefit from accreditation to the Standard for Quality Governance, parents and students are the biggest beneficiaries. Students get quality education with wholesome and balanced inputs for all round development. With dynamic and transparent systems in place, students and parents acquire a voice to influence the school working as also to get redressal of their grievances.

Time frame to achieve NABET:

The implementation of NABET will take Six months to one year

Steps and sequence to obtain NABET:


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