We deal with all major certifying bodies. Selection of certifying bodies is based on client’s priority.

ISO expenses incurred by the small Scale Industries are eligible for re-imbursement up to Rs.75, 000/- or 75% of the expenses incurred if it is less than Rs.75, 000, as a subsidy from government of India. Required documents: SSI permanent Registration certificate/Entrepreneur Memorandum, ISO Certificate, Invoice and receipts of Consultants and auditing agencies. Details are available in the official website www.msmedi-chennai.gov.in

Process: Defined process and interaction within the other processes.
Infrastructure: Required Infrastructure like space, building to meet the scope of   certification.
Right Equipments: To deliver the quality product/services proper and capable equipments, service.
Checking/Conforming aids: In order to confirm the planned results of the product/services to meet the customer requirement.
Documentation: Manual, Procedures, work instructions required for the scope. (Entire document shall be provided by us)


  • Accounts area is totally excluded from the ISO implementation. No of Employees and Employee educational level is not a constraint.
  • Employee welfare like ESI, PF is not considered for implementation

Since ISO 9001:2008 is a private body no legal link between sales tax or tax or Income department or any other government agencies.

Duration Of Implementation:
The duration for this certification process and the cost depends on the size and the scope that we want to implement. Minimum time required is 30 days. You can also log in to our website www.smsisoconsultants.com or send E-mail at info@smsisoconsultants.com further queries.



Management Consultancy

As Management Consultants, we provide effective guidance to the top management on the Business Analysis, decision making, increasing the profitability, reducing the overheads and identifying new avenues in the business.